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About Us

We have necessary / statutory licenses and authorization to practice immigration law.

Who are We!

Topnotch Immigration Solutions is a Canadian company situated in Brampton offering full selection of skilled immigration services to the customers in Canada and overseas. We deal with our clients on an individual one-on-one basis and help them efficiently. Our company offers an entire selection of professional immigration services including: Work Permits, Investors and business Class, Family Sponsorships, HRDC Validation, Visitor and student Visas, Live-in Caregiver Program, Citizenship Services, and Provincial Nominee Programs. Our consultants are regulated Immigration Consultants of Canada Council (ICCRC), and the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

We are amply trained with Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. We are also outfitted with interpreter services for other dialects.

Our Expertise

Visitor / Student Visas


Skilled Visas / PR / Citizenship


Provincial Nominee Program / Express Entry


Refugee / Refusal Appeals


Why do you need Immigration Consultant?

Is it necessary to use an immigration specialist in your Canadian Immigration?The answer is “no” relating to Citizenship and Immigration. All of the immigration forms are online for your gain access to and you certainly do not need to employ an immigration consultant. Your choice of employing an immigration professional is up to the applicant himself or herself.

Then, why should anyone choose to retain the service of the registered immigration advisor?

Consultant can help you with choosing the “best” option for your position

Have you any idea that we now have more than 60 Canadian immigration programs? Everyone’s situation is exclusive and an authorized immigration expert who understands different immigration or visa programs will help you choosing a “better option” for your unique situation.

You are guaranteed that your document is offered within a structured and complete way

Immigration software is a significant matter and details matter the most. Have you any idea that if you post the application forms with information you aren't certain of, or you leave some questions empty will lead to your document being rejected or repaid for you for reapplication? A qualified immigration specialist has a professional higher level of details and business skill to ensure that your details are complete as well as your case will be shown to immigration officers within an organized method for their satisfaction. A detailed cover letter is also sent together with your application to produce a good impression for your case.

Consultant can make the complicated process simpler for you

Immigration is an elaborate process. It isn't only because of complicated Canadian immigration legal system. Using the immigration knowledge and the neighborhood understanding of Canadian culture, an authorized immigration advisor will show you through the procedure and make the complicated process simpler for you.

Specialist helps you to save your precious time

Even for the easiest immigration instances, with all the current forms and instruction guide online, not everyone gets the time to purchase analyzing the instruction, filling the forms and preparing the documentations for submission. Sometimes, a good simple case may use someone up to few days of your time without 100% knowledge of the procedure and rules. In the event that you send imperfect application or miss certain details, you case might be came back to you with no refund and you have to send the bundle again. A Signed up immigration expert already has all the resources ready at work and will show you in a quick and effective manner. She or he will the considering and doing for you, so that your precious time can be preserved for something more significant to you.

Professional Education and Knowledge

Like a Registered immigration specialist, she or he must attend professional immigration specialist program and move various examinations to get the license. She or he also offers to fulfil many responsibilities including carrying on education, pay high regular membership fees and insurance to keep up the professional name. An authorized immigration advisor also has to follow a code of professional ethics. Therefore, the financial and time investment with an authorized expert can be shown in the grade of work she or he produces for the customers.

Easier Communication with Canadian Citizenship and Immigration (CIC)

Many candidates find it hard to communicate with CIC directly. An immigration professional handles CIC frequently and speak in a specialist language that authorities officers can understand. Which means precious time is saved of the customers.

Individualized service with confidentiality protection

A registered immigration specialist can offer you with a customized service with all the current details are looked after, whereas the instruction guide online is only going to offer you common instruction without concern in the immigration regulation aspect. Personalized service also contains good recommendation or advice from your advisor about arrangement services in Canada. Having the right knowledge and connections are extremely important for your future success in Canada. Your good immigration expert will probably be your first connect to Canadian culture. Also be assured that by utilizing a Registered Immigration consultant, your private information you provide will be held in secret.

There is no need to cover the consultant’s mistake

The term “registered Canadian Immigration Consultant” possesses lot of weight. It represents good quality of work and responsibility for you as a customer. Nevertheless, nobody in the world can be free from errors. The glad tidings are that you as consumers don't need to purchase the mistake created by an Authorized Consultant. A lot of the RCIC will provide you with a refund for the errors she or he made as written in the retainer contract. Additionally it is compulsory for a RCIC to have professional responsibility insurance for your safety. Also, only a precautionary note for you that if you hire an unlicensed specialist, you won't get the security when things fail.

The value of the Registered Canadian Immigration consultant is not reflected by simply filling forms. It really is his / her immigration rules knowledge and the use of the knowledge. Usually do not risk the application by just completing the forms. Once immigration application is refused, a long term record is established. Seek specialized help from an ICCRC qualified consultant. Get help with a professional discussion today.